Mobile phones have changed the way people communicate nowadays. We are contactable anywhere and anytime. With satellites and cables linking up the commucation system, we have no problems speaking to another person on the other side of the globe. All these are made affordable to the masses with lower cost of production and more competitors in the market.

In Indonesia, almost every other person owns a mobile phone, from young to old. In fact, a person who does not own is a rarity. New features have been added to this communication gadget. Nowadays, people use the mobile phone for other purposes besides calling up their friends and relatives.

The modern day mile phone can be used to play digital games and to gain access to your e-mail and the internet. The more sophisticated ones can be used for video conferencing. Some can even function as a digital camera and diary.

New developments are also going on to make more convenient for the user to recharge the battery used in the mobile phone. Currently, the battery needs to be electrically recharged constantly. This can quite a hassle for busy working people. Researchers are looking into using solar energy instead. This way, users do not need to search for power points when the battery runs low. They can also use the phone in remote places elestric power is not available.

How can mobile phone change the way people communicate nowadays?

Februari 28, 2015

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